Friday, March 1, 2013

British Museum @ London

British museum rank at number three in the world in term of visitors visit with an annual of almost 6 million visitors. This museum are famous for its Egyptian artefact, mummies, Greek sculptures and ceramics. There are many controversy surrounding some of the objects here. Some people say it "stolen artefact" from other countries and may obtain it illegally. The Chinese ceramics on the display are also very impressive and even matching those displayed in the National Palace Museum in Taipei. The museum also houses the Elgin Marbles which is the classical Greek marble sculptures. The positive point of this museum is free admission and allowed photography.

British Museum entrance.

The Great Court.

Greek sculpture.

Elgin marbles originated from Greece.

These are from Egypt.

Wow, quite a number of mummies collection.


Impressive collection of Chinese ceramics. Some belongs to Dynasty Ming era.

Porcelain from Dynasty Qing.


Coordinate/GPS: 51.518731,-0.126235
Address: Great Russell St, London WC1B 3DG, United Kingdom
Admission fee: Free
Hours: Open daily 10.00–17.30, Fridays until 20.30
London tube: Within 10 minutes walking distance from Holborn, Tottenham Court Road & Russell Square station.


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