Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Max Krug @ Marienplatz, Munich, Germany

The Max Krug Company has been making cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest since the 1920’s. Their store, distinctive in its Bavarian blue and gold awning. located on the main pedestrian street halfway between the Marienplatz and the Karlstor Gate in central altstadt Munchen. Max Krug’s cuckoo clocks are hand made from rich woods produced in the Black Forest with quality modern movements. The cuckoo clock is noisy but endlessly fascinating form of time piece characterized by hand-carved wood forest motifs of deer, birds, leaves and pine cones in amazingly ornate patterns around a door from which the tiny cuckoo bird emerges to tweet an hourly alarm. The small bird mechanism was regional smaller version of the German Glockenspiel, the mechanical clock with figures that twirl and move at appointed time.

Pewter, smoker and nutcracker from Max Krug shop.

1-day roof music cuckoo clocks. The cuckoo chimes every full hour. The music plays one song every hour. While the music plays the second door opens and a little figurine comes out. This clock can be brought from Max Krug.

Beautiful and cute nutcracker from Max Krug shop.

So many souvenirs that you can get from Max Krug in Marienplatz. Nutcrackers, wooden dolls, clocks, music box and Beersteins are the famous souvenir from Munich.

Souvenir shops. Max Krug selling traditional German antique looking cuckoo clocks, Bayern Munich fan shop and Hetzenecker selling leather good such as backpack, bags and handbags.

New townhall with Glockenspiel at the top of the tower.

GPS/Coordinate: 48.138425, 11.571345
Address: Neuhauser Strasse 2, 80331 Munich, Germany.
Public transport: S-Bahn Marienplatz station.


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