Thursday, May 21, 2015

Amazing Sydney view from Pylon Lookout @ Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Pylon Lookout is located on the pedestrian path on Sydney Harbour Bridge. In order to access the Pylon lookout, you need to climb the Bridge stairs on Cumberland Street. You need to climb 200 steps stairs in order to reach Pylon lookout which is 87 metres above the sea level. Once you reached at the top, you will be rewarded with spectacular view of Sydney. On the way up, there are three levels of exhibits that reveal interesting facts about the history of the bridge and the men who built it and the vision of its chief engineer, John Bradfield. No wonder this attraction is less popular compared to Sydney Tower. Pylon lookout don't have lift to get up there.

Walking on Sydney Harbour Bridge pedestrian path. Pylon lookout is just infront.

View from Pylon Lookout up there.

Description about Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Pylon lookout.

Walking up 200 steps stair.

Opening day of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge also known as giant coat hanger.

Occupational hazards of building the bridge.

Reached Pylon lookout point. Looking at Sydney Harbour Bridge structure.

Participants of Bridge climb. Very expensive at AUD200.00. View from Pylon lookout point only cost you AUD13.00.

View from Pylon lookout.

360 degree view of Pylon lookout.

GPS/Coordinate: -33.857448, 151.207759
Address: 5 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia.
Public transport: Circular Quay train station. Walk towards The Rocks.


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