Monday, August 16, 2010

Mengkwi,Ulan Danu, Bedegul & Tanah Lot @ Bali, Indonesia

Me at Mengkwi gate.

Historical site of Mengkwi. The pagoda looking structures is amazing.

Mengkwi. Royal temple. Entrance fee: Rp3,000.

Tall and thin park trees at Ulan Danu.

Ulan Danu is lake located at the top of a mountain. You feel cool here.

Unique looking temple at the side of the Ulan Danu lake.

Classic scenery at Ulan Danu.

Floating temple at Ulan Danu lake.

Beautiful park at Ulan Danu with clean landscape.

Nice temple at the middle of the lake. Romantic ride.

Take picture for my friend on the colourful boat.

Nice garden in Ulan Danu.

Ulan Danu in Bedegul. Located at the top of mountain with cool temperature & beautiful temple surrounded by lake. Its a very beautiful place. Entrance fee: Rp10,000.

Buffet lunch at Ulun Danu.

This is how the place we had our buffet lunch in Ulun Danu. Can't find the name of the shop!

Tanah Lot entrance. Entrance fee: Rp10,000.

Beji holy spring below the Tanah Lot temple.

Nice view.

There was a couple having their wedding photo session.

Majestic view of Tanah Lot.

Surfer at Tanah Lot area.

Tanah Lot sunset.

Nasi campur at Campur Campur.

Fried duck thigh rice as dinner.


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