Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ubud & Kintamani @ Bali, Indonesia - Day 3

Outside Bali house. At the door entrance.

Visit to Bali house. Each house has its own registration number. There is no house number to avoid someone to find them. Postman will deliver letters/items to village head and the head will distribute accordingly.

Inside Bali house.

Bali house temple.

Very spicy chilli.

Coffee bean.

Coffee bean consumed by this squirrel can fetch very high price. Coffee bean eaten by this squirrel and the indigested coffee bean is luwak coffee.


Luwak coffee. 100g can reach MYR 100.

A cup of luwak coffee for Rp30,000.

Kintamani volcano with lake batur. Entrance fee: Rp5,000.

Beautiful paddy field terrain.

Goa Gajah. It served as a sanctuary. Entrance fee: Rp15,000.

KFC delivery motorcycle near our hotel.


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