Saturday, August 14, 2010

Uluwatu @ Bali, Indonesia - Day 2

Uluwatu is where the famous cliff hanging Pura Uluwatu temple is located. The majestic cliff attraction many tourist to come here to see it themselves. The loud sound of wave can be heard from quite a distance. The entrance fee is Rp 20,000 and you need to be properly dressed to enter. Sarongs and sashes are available free at the entrance. The temple is inhabited by large number of monkeys, who are extremely adept at snatching visitors' belonging, including bags, cameras and eyeglasses. Keep a very close grip on all your belongings and stow away your eyeglasses if at all possible.

Majestic view of Uluwatu cliff.

You can see that the temple is at the top of the cliff.

Huge wave from Indian Ocean.

View from another angle.

Sunset in Uluwatu is another sight to behold.

Coordinate/GPS: -8.817734,115.088132


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