Friday, July 4, 2008

Madam Kwan's @ Pavilion, KL

I have heard a lot about the Madam Kwan's nasi lemak and this time I went down to Pavilion for the taste of their ever famous nasi lemak. Their chicken rendang serving was large and I was very full after finished that dish. The nasi lemak was not too spicy and it is quite delicious. For most of us, RM14 for a dish of nasi lemak is not worth it. But once you tried, it is not that bad after all.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. Among the best nasi lemak that I ever tasted. Their nasi lemak is on par with the nasi lemak served by Malaysian Airlines).
Price:3/10(The food here is quite expensive but the quality is good and the portion is large. Service is good and food served fast).

Nasi lemak. The nasi lemak dish consist of fragrant rice, two pieces of curry chicken, half boiled egg, acar, anchovies sambal & chicken floss (RM14.50).

Nasi bojari. The portion is quite large. Comes with one fried chicken drumstick and assam prawn (RM19.50).


  1. Hehe, didn't know you like Nasi Lemak a lot too. I've tried the one at Mdm Kwan's, but I'd prefer the sambal to be a bit more spicy. And I thought overall it didn't seem too...authentic to me. Not that it's bad, just that I probably wouldn't go to Mdm Kwan's for nasi lemak often.

    However, since you like it a lot, you might wanna try other similar places that offer nice nasi lemak at hyped prices. Try Sri Melaka (1 Utama) around RM10 bout few years ago, and Lemongrass Cafe (Mines, Alamanda) around, RM8 also a few years ago. Maybe you could try and compare them and see which one you like best.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I will try it if I go to 1-Utama or Alamanda. I never been to Alamanda before. I like Madam Kwan's sambal because it is just nice and I not able to eat very spicy food.



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