Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chicken Ginseng Soup @ Street Behind Doota! Dongdaemun, Seoul

I was looking for chicken ginseng soup (Samgyetang) meal which is quite famous in Korea. Samgyetang which primarily consists of a whole young chicken and Korean ginseng. Samgyetang is traditionally served in the summer for its supposed nutrients, which replaces those lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion during the hot summers in Korea.

I actually don't know where to look for it. One day after I went around Migliore, AMPM, Shinsegae & Doota! in Dongdaemun area, I went into a small alley behind Doota! There are many restaurants there. I look at each restaurant and the meal that they served. Finally I saw a restaurant which serve chicken ginseng soup. I saw there are quite a number of patrons inside the shop. So this restaurant must be not bad. Furthermore, the staff able to speak Mandarin. So ordering a meal is not a problem.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. The chicken soup is good together with so many nice side dishes. I am quite surprise that I am able finish all the meal).
Price:6/10(Moderate. The price for the full meal shown below is 12,000 won).

My main dish. Chicken ginseng soup with rice.

Wow, its whole chicken inside there. Fortunately the chicken is not that big so that I can finish it alone.

Grab the chicken and put it on my plate. That's the wing.

My side dishes.

My whole meal set.

This is what I like about Korean restaurant. Plain water standby on the table. I am the fan of air suam :-)

The environment in the shop.

For those who can read Korean, here is the menu.

To find this restaurant:

Walk into this small alley which is just before the Disco Jump game.

Disco jump game. I not sure whether this game is permanent.

Walk around 100-200 metres and do look around for this shop.

GPS/Coordinate: 37.568724, 127.008245
Location: Seoul metro subway line 2,4,5 Dongdaemun History & Culture Park station. Exit number 14. Walk towards Doota! which takes around 4 minutes.


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