Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hakone Free Pass - Gateway to Mount Fuji view

The Hakone Free Pass by Odakyu Railways is a special pass for exploring Hakone, and includes:
1)One round trip from the Tokyo area to Hakone by Odakyu Railways from Shinjuku station.
2)Unlimited use of Odakyu affiliated buses, trains, boats, cablecars and ropeways within the Hakone free area. I you go there for a day trip, you only have chance to use it once although they allow you to use the pass unlimited times.
3)Discounted admission to selected tourist attractions. I don't find it useful.

Why visit Hakone? From here you will be able to see the magnificent view of Mount Fuji. From each mode of transport in Hakone, you will be able to see different angle of Mount Fuji depends on the weather. Initially, I don't plan to view Mount Fuji as the price to go there via the bullet train (Shinkanshen) is very expensive. You will need about MYR300 for the return journey just for the train. But somehow, I did more research and found out this Hakone Free Pass. From Shinjuku station, the pass cost just 5000 Yen (MYR210) and it includes whole day journey on different types of transport and different viewing point plus enjoying the beautiful view around Hakone. This is the best deal for any free and easy traveller can possibly get.

Hakone Free Pass.



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