Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Malaysia Airlines - Kuala Lumpur to Paris (Economy Class)

After touching ground for 6 months in Malaysia, suddenly the idea of visiting the largest flower garden comes into my mind. The world largest flower garden situated in Lisse, Holland offered the best flower view in the world for almost 50 years now. Keukenhof is my favourite flower garden. Since it only open 2 months a year from end of Mar to end of May, I need to plan this trip soonest possible.

Initially, my idea is just to visit Amsterdam. But since Paris is just within 3 hours away by bullet train, I may just as well visit it. Since I am going to Paris on standby basis, my seat is not confirmed. Its quite tough to get the seat to Paris during end of April 2012 as most of the flight is full and Malaysia Airlines only have one flight a day. On my first attempt of standby, I disappointed as the flight was full and I have to go back home midnight via airport taxi. On my second attempt, I took bus to the airport and I manage to get a seat last minute as there is no show passenger. Yahoo! Anyway, this flight is really a long journey. It takes more than 13 hours from Kuala Lumpur to reach Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. The flight to Paris was pleasant without much turbulence. The meal served is just like other Malaysia Airlines long distance flight.

Since this is a ultra long haul, two full meals provided. My first meal is soy sauce chicken and vegetables with rice. Comes with raw salmon, fruits, sweets, bun and butter.

Second meal is always breakfast. My favourite selection is always their nasi lemak. Anyway, this will be my last nasi lemak and have to wait for another 11 days before I can have another nasi lemak. The croissant provided is good with butter flavour.

Finally reached Paris airport. Reached around 6.40am Paris time. I like to arrive early morning so that I have one full day. I usually opt for hotel/hostel which have luggage storage so that I can just drop my items and begin my exploration. I need to look for CDGVAL train to get to terminal 3 in order to broad RER train to Paris city centre.

Brought my ticket to Paris Nord train station. Ticket price from CDG airport to Paris city centre at EUR9.25.

Waiting for RER train. First impression is that the train is dirty :-P

Reached Paris Nord aka Gary Du Nord main train station.

Waiting for metro to reach my hotel.

Wow, when exiting metro station of Place d'Italie... My hotel is just 5 minutes walk from here. More updates later...


  1. do you mind to tell which hotel do you stay and at what metro station exactly that is?

  2. I stayed nearby Place d'Italie metro station. Look for Neptune hotel. I will post the entry about this hotel later on. Thanks.

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