Thursday, July 19, 2012

Around Ueno, Tokyo

Ueno is a place to go in Tokyo if you like parks, zoo, entertainment, shopping and eating. Here is the location of the famous Ueno Park which is peak during the cherry blossoms season. The have a huge zoo with panda bear as well. The park is such an attraction itself as it is surrounded by tall buildings around the city. Shopping wise, this place offers items which are the lowest among shops in Tokyo. If you are the fan of sport shoes, you can get the latest design from here as well.

For those who like military toy and leather wear, here is the best place to find the bargain as well. Brands such as Schott, Aero, Vanson, Avirex and Morgan are abundant here. Looks like Japanese like American brands so much.

Intersection of Ameyoko market.

These fishes looks so shiny and neat.

Here you can get many kinds of fresh seafood.

Entertainment such as karaoke and game arcade-pachinko are abundant here.

Japanese are very good in their food modelling presentation.

Row of small toy purchase machines.

Automated self service photo printing. Just slot in your memory card and select the files that you want to print from the menu.

Typical scenery of Tokyo city.

Ueno park. Notice that the walking path is so clean.

Ueno park is surrounded by tall buildings.

During autumn, this pond full of brownish leaves. Now, its all green during summer.

Road signboard in Ueno. Don't worry, still got some English wordings there.

Coordinate/GPS: 35.711726,139.775426
Metro: Tokyo Metro Ueno or you may use JR Ueno via Yamanote line.


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