Monday, September 17, 2012

Langer's Pastrami @ Los Angeles

My trip to Los Angeles this year is to try out their best food. One of them is Langer's Pastrami located near MacArthur Park lake. I have read about this place after I have tried and love the New York version of Katz Delicatessen. From several reviews that I read, this Langer's Pastarami is claimed to have the best pastrami in the world! Their best pastrami is menu number 19 which is pastrami swiss coleslaw with russian dressing. It contains cheese as well. But for me, I like to taste plain pastrami in order to get the original taste out of it.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. The pastrami is tender, the rye bread is fresh, service is good and taste is good. The hot chocolate is well done).
Price:5/10(Near expensive. The price is high for sandwich. USD13.50 for hot pastrami sandwich and USD14.35 for pastrami with swiss cheese with Russian dressing sandwich.

My plain hot pastrami sandwich.

The pastrami is moist and tender. It's good.

My friend ordered the pastrami and swiss cheese Russian Style Dressing.

American classic sauce on the table.

With a cup of hot chocolate.

This is the restaurant. Its near the intersection which is very near to the LA metro station.

Stop by here to get to the best pastrami sandwich restaurant.

Address: 704 South Alvarado, Los Angeles 90057, at the southwest corner of 7th Street and Alvarado, diagonally across from MacArthur Park. Please beware of the surroundings as this area is seedy.
Coordinate/GPS: 34.056339,-118.276966
Metro Station: Westlake/McArthur Park station on Red or Purple line.
Phone: +1 213-483-8050


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