Wednesday, September 12, 2012

World Largest Library-Library of Congress @ Washington DC

The Library of Congress is the research library of the United States Congress. It is accessible via US Capitol or via the library main entrance. The building itself is huge with many mural paintings. During my secondary school years, I read about this library and during university time, my university library has subscription to Library of Congress catalog. And now, I am able to visit the real library itself. By shelf space and number of books, this is the world largest library. Explore the Jefferson Building, know for its impressive 19th century architechture and don't miss the Gutenberg Bible.

The Library of Congress was instituted for Congress in 1800, and was housed in the United States Capitol for most of the 19th century. After much of the original collection had been destroyed during the War of 1812, Thomas Jefferson sold 6,487 books, his entire personal collection, to the library in 1815. After a period of decline during the mid-19th century the Library of Congress began to grow rapidly in both size and importance after the American Civil War, culminating in the construction of a separate library building and the transference of all copyright deposit holdings to the Library. During the rapid expansion of the 20th century the Library of Congress assumed a preeminent public role, becoming a "library of last resort" and expanding its mission for the benefit of scholars and the American people.

Library of Congress main entrance at Thomas Jefferson Building.

Main lobby (The Great Hall) of Library of Congress.

The Great Hall ceiling.

Main reading room. The most impressive room in the building. This is where the majority of the books are located.

Mural paintings on the ceiling. Here the mural shows the main publishers seal of authority.

The children resembles which fields of study based on what the child holds.

Library fountains.

As usual. My self taken photo.

Coordinate/GPS: 38.888294,-77.004529
Metro station: Capitol South Station on blue or orange line.
Address: 101 Independence Avenue Southeast, Washington, DC
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m)
Entrance fee: Free.


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