Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nike Max Hyperposite

When I were in USA, a friend of mine request me to buy him a pair of Nike shoe. I asked him what kind of shoe and what is the price. He said Nike Max Hyperposite. At that time, I really have no idea on what he meant. The price of the shoe is not cheap either. It is almost USD250.00~MYR800.00 plus tax. By purchasing the shoe, I have actually learned new thing. The shoe is not available anywhere in Asia and it is only for USA market and it is a high performance basketball shoe. Suitable for my friend who like to play basketball. The shoe design is quite modern and nice. The shoe even though the shoe is expensive, it is still produced in China.

You can get this shoe from any Foot Locker shop in the US.

Nike Max Hyperposite - Green yellow.

Hyperposite view from top.

The obvious Nike sign.


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