Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ristorante Cappuccetto @ London

This Italian restaurant is located in Soho London. I decided to have a try on Italian restaurant as I know there a couple of restaurant are operated by Italian. So I assume that their quality and taste should be almost the same as if I am going to Rome :-)

Taste:8/10(Good. Located at the heart of SOHO London. So its easily accessible for Italian meal. The penne mari monte is good but with only three clams).
Price:4/10(Expensive. Penne mari monte at 8.75 Pound, Bruschetta classica at 5.50 pound).

French baguette with tomatoes. Bruschetta classica. The taste quite good with black vinegar but it rather expensive for bread with tomatoes.

Good seafood pasta. Penne mari monte. I put some cheese powder on top.

Olive in olive oil.

My dining table.

Super expensive water. This bottle of small water cost 2.50 Pound!

This is how the restaurant look like.

Coordinate/GPS: 51.513417,-0.130037
Address: 8/9 Moor Street (off Cambridge Circus), London W1D 5ND, England.
London tube: Leicester Square station


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