Friday, December 6, 2013

Bus transport from Kansai International Airport to Kyoto

As soon as I arrived at Kansai International Airport, I headed towards the arrival hall lobby. You have the option to go to Kyoto either by train or bus. I opt for bus to avoid multiple transfer and more convenient. Comfortable limousine buses run from the Kansai airport to Kyoto Station every 30 minutes and stopping at some of the major hotels along the way. The ticket costs ¥2,500 (children ¥1,250) one-way or ¥4,000 for round-trip. The buses leave from bus stop #8, which is located directly opposite the ticket vending machine. The ride takes around 90 minutes to reach Kyoto main train station but can take longer when there is traffic jam.

Arrival hall of Kansai International Airport.

My ticket and luggage claim tag.

Inside the limousine bus to Kyoto.

Heading towards Kyoto. Its on Ibaraki side.

Reached Kyoto main station. The journey was smooth.


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