Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunset view of Kinkakuji temple (Golden Pavilion) @ Kyoto, Japan

Kinkakuji temple is one of the historic monuments of ancient Kyoto. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage building. Kinkakuji is an impressive structure built overlooking a large pond, and is the only building left of Yoshimitsu's former retirement complex.

I reach Kinkakuji via Randen line from Arashiyama.

I reached Kinkakuji quite late around 4.00pm I guess. Fortunately, I am able to purchase a ticket.

Nearing sunset. View the sunset view of Kinkakuji. Really the whole building is golden colour.

Zooming in my camera to have bigger view of Kinkakuji.

Reflection of Kinkakuji temple from the pond.

Walking to view Kinkakuji temple from near. There is a golden rooster at the roof of the temple building which is the symbol of Kinkakuji.

Kinkakuji view from behind the trees.

Fudo Hall, a small temple hall which houses a statue of Fudo Myoo, one of the Five Wisdom Kings and protector of Buddhism.

Me with Kinkakuji temple. Almost dark.

Address: 1 Kinkakujicho, Kita Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 603-8361, Japan
Admission fee: 400 Yen.
Public transport: Kinkakuji can be accessed from Kyoto Station by direct Kyoto City Bus number 101 or 205 in about 40 minutes.
From Arashiyama you can reach Kinkakuji via Randen line to Kitano-Hakubaichō. From here, walk for 20 minutes to reach Kinkakuji temple.


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