Friday, December 6, 2013

Delicious baumkuchen & dorayaki from Japan

When visiting Japan, I like to purchase their dorayaki and baumkuchen from their convenience stores. For those who don't know what is baumkuchen, its a sweet round layer cake. You can get it from any convenience store be it 7-Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart. The price of each pieces of dorayaki and baumkuchen is around 100-150 Yen.

Assorted dorayaki and baumkuchen. Dorayaki at the top row with regular red bean, sticky rice ball, egg yolk and chestnut. The bottom row is baumkuchen with regular flavour, butter and white.

Shittori baumkuchen. Strong butter flavour.

Baumkuchen texture.


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