Monday, December 9, 2013

Kyoto Station with rooftop garden @ Kyoto, Japan

The building's futuristic design and atmosphere was conceived by the Japanese architect Hara Hiroshi. Hara's design attempts to convey historical Kyoto through a modern aesthetic. The station's large main hall with its exposed steel beamed roof, called the Matrix, is meant to reflect both the structure of the station and the grid like layout of Kyoto's street network. The Kyoto station building also housed a large Isetan department store and Porta shopping centre at lower ground floor. Kyoto Station is the city's transportation hub, served by Japan Railways (including the Tokaido Shinkansen), Kintetsu Railways and the Karasuma Subway Line. It is also the site of a large bus terminal for city buses and long distance and overnight highway buses. Luggage storage and takuhaibin (delivery service) counters are available in the basement of the station. Besides the station facilities, the building's 15 floors offer several other attractions and conveniences including an art museum, a theater and a vast array of shopping and dining options.

Kyoto tower. Located just opposite of Kyoto station.

Entrance to Kyoto station.

Busy and crowded even on sunday.

Super crowded Kyoto station. This is the busiest station in Kyoto and major transportation hub of Kyoto.

Its nearing Christmas. Huge Christmas tree on the display.

The same Christmas tree at night.

Kyoto Station is a huge modern looking building.

Long escalator to the roof top garden.

The escalator area at night.

Artificial garden at the roof top of the Kyoto station.

View from the roof top of Kyoto station towards the south.

View towards the north of Kyoto. As you can see, Kyoto is surrounded by mountains and that's why it has lower temperature compared to the nearby cities.

GPS/Coordinate: 34.985454, 135.757723
Public transport: Kyoto main station.


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