Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mozart Kugeln chocolate from Austria

Mozartkugen or also known as Mozart Kugeln is a sweet confection produced in Salzburg, Austria. It was named after the famous composer Mozart. Basically you can get Mozartkugen anywhere in Salzburg as its available in any convenience stores. The famous brand is of course Furst which is the first producer of Mozartkugen and its handmade. However Furst Mozartkugen is more expensive as well. Besides that Mozartkugen by Mirabell and Reber taste as good as well. Each peices of Mozartkugen price at around Euro 0.50 to 1.00.

Handmade Mozartkugen from Furst. They are the first to make Mozartkugen in Salzburg.

Shop selling Furst Mozartkugen in Salzburg.

Many packaging of Mozartkugen in Furst shop in Salzburg.

Another type of Mozartkugen in square shape from Furst. This piece cost one Euro.

There are many shapes and type of Mozartkugen.

Other than Mozartkugen, Furst also selling many kind of confection and sweets.

Mirabell Mozart Kugeln chocolate. The chocolate is special as it has pistachio marzipan, almond , hazelnut praline and some liquor.

Mozart Kugeln/Mozartkugen from Reber company.

Mozart Kugeln chocolate in nice box.

Details of Reber Mozart Kugeln chocolate. The taste is good with sweet nuts fillings coated with dark chocolate.

GPS/Coordinate: 47.799189, 13.045573
Address: Brodgasse 13, 5020 Salzburg, Austria.


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