Sunday, December 21, 2014

Premium sushi at Sushi Zanmai @ Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

Reached this restaurant at around 11.30am on a saturday and queue were quite long outside this 3 storey high restaurant. Although the line is long, but we are able to get into the restaurant in about 30 minutes time. Initially target to try Sushi Dai which is located within the Tsukiji compound. But have to forget about it since the line was horribly long. I have tried several Sushi Zanmai outlets around Japan and so far it haven't fail me. I was satisfied with the quality and freshness of the food served without any question. As soon we were seated, we ordered 3 sets of premium sushi. Two sets of assorted premium sushi while one set of premium toro (fatty cut of fish usually tuna/bluefin). The best part about Sushi Zanmai outlet is they open 24 hours, 365 days a year. They are indeed work very hard and have many outlets around Japan with great quality.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. There sushi were fresh and toro were great).
Price:5/10(Near expensive. With the weakening Yen, this meal becomes more affordable. Price for each premium sushi set at 3,240 Yen including 8% consumption tax).

Set of premium sushi and premium toro. From the toro set, you get all the fattiness cut of each level from normal fatty level until extra fatty tuna belly cut. As the intensity of the fat increase, the colour will be lighter and become white for the most fatty tuna piece. The conger eel is great as well with lightly marinated with sweet sauce.

Extra fatty tuna and broiled fatty tuna. Excellent.

Medium fatty tuna.

Raw ebi prawn, normal tuna, amberjack, squid, tamago and conger eel sushi.

Conger eel, ark shell and amberjack.

Sea urchin, ikura, chive buds and ootoro (fatty tuna).

Do make sure you request for ground floor or first floor if you would like to view chef in action.

Metro: Tokyo Metro Tsukiji station or Toei Tsukijishiro station.
Coordinate/GPS: 35.665919,139.770531
Address: 11-9 Tsukiji (near Shin-Ohashi-dori/Harumi-dori crossing), Tokyo.


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