Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Famous duck meat slice @ Ximending, Taipei

Ya rou bian or duck meat slice shop is quite famous for their smoked goose meat and rice noodles soup. The shop is quite huge and have two floors. Since this shop serve goose, I not sure why the signboard mentioned as duck.

Taste:6/10(Moderate. The best item in this shop is their rice noodles which cooked in the goose broth. The two pieces of meat and the fried onion accompany the rice noodles were well done. Their goose however, I find the meat a bit rubbery and hard. Maybe I ordered goose drumstick which the texture was hard. The goose meat was not oily. However, I still like roasted duck more as its more flavourful).
Price:6/10(Moderate. The bowl of rice noodles price at TWD50 and the duck at TWD150).

Goose drumstick meat.

Goose soup rice noodles. The soup of the noodles is a bit oily but taste wise is good.

The flavour of the rice noodles was enhanced by the fried onions.

The smoked goose in this shop.

This restaurant was quite full when I visit them around late afternoon.

This is the restaurant.

GPS/Coordinate: 25.044252, 121.508460
Address: 98-2 Yi Section,Zhonghua Road, Taipei, Taiwan (Wanhua District)
Public transport: Ximen station on Taipei MRT. Exit


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