Friday, December 7, 2018

Why best flight experience on Singapore airlines economy class - Hong Kong to San Francisco

During my recent trip to USA, I have a chance this round to experience Singapore Airlines flight. All this while I don't have the chance to try it due to the flight price is always on high side. This time I able to get a good deal for around USD580 for return trip from Hong Kong to San Francisco. I always wonder why the airlines have the best ranking and well commented in the airlines industry. I will tell you why from the picture below. Most of the things are well thought off for best customer in-flight experience. Flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco takes around 13 hours.

Clean and nice interface. The screen quality is better than most airlines.

Additional seat pockets for passenger to keep their stuff. This good to keep my phones, water or maybe medicine. The cup handle also provided.

Although I just in economy class, but I get free ear phones with plane adapter. Good strategy especially if your passenger always bring to use the ear phones when they are flying no matter in which airlines.

High quality and like a PlayStation Vita type of console. Some airlines only provide this kind of console in business or first class.

Proper menu booklet for economy class.

Tooth brush and socks provided.

Ability to login into in-flight entertainment for customization using Krisflyer login.

Neat and responsive interface. This is very important as passenger expect the screen to be fully functional to touch.

Always have Indian vegetarian meal as third option. Most airlines only have two meals selection.

Since this long haul flight, snacks and fruits are provided if hungry in the middle of journey.

I like their Indian vegetarian meal as its tasty.

Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

This meal is from returning flight San Francisco to Hong Kong. Good five spice pork. Their chocolate brownie is delicious.

Snacking during middle of journey.

Peas and crackers plus apple.

Another Indian vegetarian meal. Overall good and tasty food.


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