Saturday, December 8, 2018

Cheap Lunch Everyday - food delivery

Recently there is new meal delivery in the market. I think this is the cheapest food delivery at MYR5.00. Every weekday there will be one fixed menu. You can't choose the menu. Each day is decided a week before. Then you decide whether to have the meal for that particular day and make order via their Whatsapp before 9.00pm a day earlier. If you order 4 packet of meals and above, you will entitle for free delivery.

Taste:7/10(Moderate. Since everyday is different menu, I can't comment each one specifically. In general, this is my rating for the food. Some meal like the nasi kunyit and tauchu chicken rice with ulam does have higher rating as it taste better).
Price:9/10(Cheap. Meal box at MYR5.00 with free delivery really no complain).

Nasi pulut kunyit with rendang chicken.

Tauchu chicken rice with some ulam.

Chicken ham spaghetti.

Nasi goreng kampung or Kampung fried rice. Got chicken, anchovies, egg and soup some more.

More info please visit @cheapluncheveryday instagram.


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