Monday, November 7, 2011

Autumn colours at Olympic Park @ Seoul, South Korea

Seoul was the host city for the 1988 summer Olympic. Although after 13 years passed, the Olympic park is still maintain in good condition and has become one of the tourist attraction area. It was during Olympic 1988 which the biggest drug scandal happened. Ben Johnson who won the 100 metre race by breaking the world record was disqualified as he was tested positive for steroid usage. His record is almost 0.2 seconds faster than the previous world record. It shows an amazing results from steroid usage.

Below are a few shots which I took during my visit to the Olympic park during autumn 2011.

A symbolic structure in the park.

Volley ball stadium.

Very nice view from the park to the city.

Another site to view the nice colour changing.

Clean pathway.

World Peace Gate.

Musical fountain.

Flags of the Olympic participants.

Found Malaysia. The Korean translation of Malaysia as well.

So nice. Fully yellow ginkgo leaves.

There is an art exhibition at the entrance of the park.

Entrance to the Olympic park.

GPS/Coordinate: 37.520926, 127.126463
Public transport: Olympic Park Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 3.


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