Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fontainebleau Palace - The gardens @ Fontainebleau, France

Besides the Fontainebleau main palace building, you should spend some time in its garden. The garden although not as huge as Versailles but it offers some beautiful landscape. The landscape here is simple but neat.

Overlooking The Cour d’Honneur, Fontainebleau main court yard.

Main Courtyard.

The Pavillion de l’Étang. With some China tourist taking photos.

The Cour Ovale.

This is how huge the park is.

The Cour de la Fontaine.

The park. Its a 1 kilometre long human made lake.

The Cour des Offices is a large complex formed of three wings which housed domestic and administrative services.

Beautiful private garden.

The Jardin de Diane, is formerly the queen’s private garden, until the 19th century this garden was closed off by buildings whose destruction, following the purchase of a strip of adjoining land, allowed expansion towards the town.



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