Friday, April 27, 2012

Keukenhof @ Lisse, Holland

Let me post this blog entry first as Keukenhof for 2012 season is going to end on 21st May 2012. Each year, this park only open for two months which starts from 21st March to 20th May. This is also one of my backpack tour highlights to Europe. Keukenhof is currently the world largest flower garden with almost 7 million flower bulbs. Initially I thought I just need 2-3 hours for the flower garden but it turns out that I spent almost 6 hours there. I am quite lucky as the weather on that day is sunny and good. For the previous few days, it was raining in Amsterdam.

The park is huge and besides flower, there is a small interesting farm in there. The farm act like a children playground to learn about animals. Every year, the flower arrangement is based on a country' theme. And this year Poland was chosen.

Keukenhof is not in Amsterdam. You will need to take bus number 58 from Schiphol airport. The journey by bus takes around 45 minutes. In order to save cost and time, I would recommend that you buy the combo ticket online at 21 Euro per person. The combo ticket includes the entrance fee and return bus to Keukenhof and back to Schiphol airport.

Keukenhof farm shot from bus.

Main entrance to Keukenhof.

Greeted by tulips at the entrance.

Yellow, orange & red.

My timing was good. The flower was blooming.

This is known as Marconi.

Its impressive.

So many tulips and all different colours.

Red and purple.

Nice arrangement.

The flower towards the white horse rider statue.

Smell good.

Many old folk visitors.

Another angle.

So much flowers.

The bottom purple is lavender. The smell is so good.

Directly on top the flowers.

Signboard at the main intersection.

Tulip exhibition.

White tulips.

Windmill of Keukenhof.

Another impressive display.

So pretty.

Lovely path.

Nicely arranged trees.

Look familiar? Maybe its on your computer desktop.

Newly wed couple should just walk here.

Kids here just like the piglet.

Don't come near. This is not your food :-)

My best angle shot :-)

Endless discovery of flower arrangement.

Another nice view.

Can't leave this place without my picture in :-) Me with the tulips.

How to go: Keukenhof is easily accessible from Schiphol airport by bus number 58. There is a bus every 15 minutes. Do reach there early in the morning as the line queue for the bus can get quite long by afternoon.


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