Thursday, April 26, 2012

Versailles Palace - The gardens @ Versailles, France

Walking at normal pace, you will need at least two hours to walk around the Versailles palace main builidng. But outside the palace, you will need more time. I would recommend at least 3 hours for the gardens. Unlike the main building, the garden area is very huge. The entrance to the garden area is free.

Now you know what I mean. Colourful and beautiful.

You can see that this garden is huge.

The Orangerie. Consisting of six sections of lawn and a circular pool, in the summer it features 1,055 trees in boxes, including palm trees, oleanders, pomegranate trees, eugenias and orange trees that spend the winter inside the building.

Another angle of Orangerie.

Versailles main building from garden.

The trees are nicely cut and shaped.

The Grand Canal, 1,670 metres long, was the setting for numerous nautical spectacles and many types of craft were sailed on it.

Sculptures along the walks.

On the way to The Grand Trianon.

Nice trees path.

The sun vase. The vases, some of them copied from ancient Roman models, sometimes commemorate a more recent event.

Bronze sculptures. I am not sure what is the meaning behind these sculpture.

I am wondering how they cut these trees.

Coordinate/GPS: 48.804744,2.121774
Transport: RER route C5 stop at Versailles-Rive Gauche station. The train ticket cost Euro 6.80 return (May 2012), and you need at least a zone 4 ticket if you have day or weekly pass. Do make sure you take the correct train as there are many location which have almost similar name such as Versailles-Chantiers.
Admission fees: I would recommend to take the one day passport for Euro 18 for monday to friday and Euro 25 from Saturday to Sunday. On the weekend, they have a special fountain show.


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