Thursday, April 10, 2014

Keisei Skyliner package @ Narita Airport, Japan

During my recent trip to Japan, I found out a good deal by taking Keisei Skyliner instead of taking Keisei Limited Express train to Tokyo. Taking Keisei Skyliner is more convenient and faster. I took the combination of return trip of Skyliner with 1 day Metro unlimited travel pass. Normally a return ticket of Skyliner with 1 day of unlimited metro pass will cost 5650 Yen. But if I take this promotion, I am only paying 4500 Yen. Although Keisei Limited Express train only cost between 1000 - 1200 Yen but it will require 1 hour 30 minutes to travel from Narita airport to Tokyo. By taking Skyliner, you can save time as it only takes 45 minutes to reach Tokyo.

Where to buy: When you are in arrival hall, please look for Keisei train signboard or train to Tokyo signboard. The counter is located one floor lower after you past Japanese custom check.

Keisei ticket counter.

I am ready for travel now.

Keisei Skyliner.

Nice and clean chairs.

Luggage area of the train.

This is what I get for 4500 Yen. A return ticket ofa Keisei Skyliner and 1 day metro. I don't plan to take many days of metro Tokyo this time as travelling on JR line is more convenient.


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