Monday, January 19, 2015

Lewis Leathers Cyclone 441

Lewis Leathers from London, United Kingdom produced in high quality and stylish motorcycle leather jacket. Lewis leather jacket are very popular especially in Asia region of Japan and Taiwan. The Cyclone jacket model 441 is among the best seller for Lewis Leathers. The great thing about this Cyclone 441 model is that its makes the wearer looks cool. The leather is not overly thick which allow for casual wear or during summer. However be caution if you are motorcycle rider as this jacket may not provide the needed protection in case of fall. This model of leather jacket (lightning 402T) is popular due clean one piece back panel, adjustable waistband and unique waistband. You can easily get this from London, Sydney or Tokyo. However, London have the best price and you are able to claim for VAT refund.

Front look of Lewis leather Cyclone 441 normal edition which you may notice of broader body shape.

The leather jacket look behind. You notice the one piece back panel. Smooth.

Super cool blue colour Lewis Leather Cyclone 441. The jacket breakin very nicely. This type of aging process which makes leather jacket different. Do buy original leather jacket not the plastic type.

That yellow and turquoise colour lewis leather cyclone does look amazing.

This is quite a unique Lewis leather cycle jacket as the lining were white while the the jacket is blue.

You may look smart and cool with just a t-shirt inside Lewis leather jacket.

New Lewis leather cyclone 441. Try it and you will look young again!


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