Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fascinating Isetan The Japan Store @ Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Its quite exciting to see Isetan opening a real Japanese concept store in Malaysia. All the products and environment in this Isetan store does imported from Japan and make you feel like visiting a Japanese department store. Malaysian do like Japanese products very much. Although the exchange rate is not favourable to us, we still like to buy Japanese products. This can be seen when people flocking to The Isetan store in Lot 10 and the newly opened FamilyMart. I do admit that I attracted to the products over here. I spend almost half a day exploring this mall and tried the food at their food court. Here you can have authentic Japanese food. If you like soba noodles, they even have a Japanese chef making the soba noodles here. Fresh on the spot. If you like Japanese drinks, the selection is abundant from beer, wines, sake and Japanese non-alcoholic drinks. Isetan The Japan Store currently has five floors operating, with each floor has its own dedicated theme: The Market, The Museum, The Studio, The Room, and The Cube. The store does great for window shopping but not so friendly to your wallet. A broom imported from Japan, cost MYR500, Doob technology figure at MYR950 to MYR3200 and clothes mostly above MYR1000.

Isetan The Japan Store.

Time Out Cafe.

Sake containers - looks nice as decoration.

Home and lifestyle products.

Little Harajuku section.

Theather Products Handbags.

Doob technology figures.

Doob technology sample figures. Priced at MYR950 for 15 cm to MYR3250 for 35 cm figure. The Doob room will capture multiple pictures using high resolution DSLR camera on multiple angle of your body to produce the 3D model of your own.

Embroidery machine stitching complicated design.

Embroidery printing service.

Photo block.

Nice environment to enjoy your evening tea and browsing your favourite books.

Interesting book store at fifth floor. Most of the books is about Japanese culture, Japan travel and food.

Q-pot jewellery varieties. If you don't look closely, you may think its a food.

Gundam model variations.

Mirai Suenaga - fashion smart doll. Didn't expect these dolls to be priced at MYR3200.

Danny Choo is son of famous shoe maker Jimmy Choo. He made his own name as entrepreneur residing in Tokyo where he develops fashion Smart doll known as Mirai Suenaga. Has been following his blog about Japan for quite some time. And I do recommend to read his blog before you visit Japan so that you can go to those off the beaten path attractions.

Japanese lifestyle product at the Room.

Vase and small items display at the Museum.

Nice looking cakes make me hungry.

Japanese cake.

Menbei - Japanese savoury crackers. Price at MYR9.01 for each packet.

Utensil for preparing tea.

Cha-Seki (Tasting bar).

Tea shop.

Wine tasting.

Nest beer (Owl beer). You can taste three type of Nest beer for MYR50.00.

Japanese seasoning products.

Dessert/yoghurt imported from Japan.

Porter bags. Quite popular in Japan.

Q-Pot jewellery. Its a famous jewellery using food as their design. Q-pot jewellery with chocolates, cupcakes and macaroons into delightful rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

The broom shown here cost MYR500 a piece. The Room with Japanese beauty and lifestyle products.

Doob 3D model.

3D printer service.

Many books especially about food on display.

Tatami classroom.

Visit Cube 2 if you would like to plan your Japan holiday. The travel agent will assist you.

Far From Home art exhibition.

Gundam models.

The Museum.

Henri Charpentier dessert stall.

Cigar shaped Japanese butter cookies.

Tea tasting sample.

Japanese tea tasting.

Hitachino Nest Draft Beer (the owl beer) glasses.

Seafood products from Japan.

Japanese style ladies clothing.

Omitsuka Tiger shoes.

Daily household products.

Doob - Advance scanning technology which can transform your memory into digital 3D figure.

3D printer.

Product output from 3D printer.

Varieties of books on display and collaboration with Kinokuniya.

Spend and win contest for Isetan The Japan Store. Contest until 31st Jan 2017.

Cafe at fifth floor.

Small items display at the Museum.

Cakes from Henri Chapentier.

Cute Japanese crackers packaging. Its expensive at MYR63.60 though.

Tea tasting.

Variety of packet vegetable soup powder.

Seafood, sausage and meat product from Japan.

Japanese seafood curry.

Instant Japanese curry. Just heat it up.

Japanese dried seafood products.

Japanese produce jam.

Japanese fruit flavoured drinks. Melon, hakuto and mango.

Canned oysters and crab meat.

Huge choices of Japanese instant noodles.

Dashi soup base fish flakes.

Japanese tea bag.

Tea from Mitsukoshi Isetan.

Soba noodles.

Onigiri rice ball and fried bean curd stuffed with vinegared rice at The Market food court.

Other selection of onigiri. Budget option if you don't prefer to dine at more expensive food stall.


Sukiyaki don.

The Hokkaido croquette is delicious.

Japanese style food.

Salmon, chicken shop, teppanyaki chicken and tofu.

At the Museum. Hanging linen.

Having lunch at Lunch box Dashi dining saya. Details on this food stall in my other blog post.

Dashi Dining Saya.

The Room with Japanese home and lifestyle products.

GPS/Coordinate: 3.146462, 101.712433
Address: Lot 10, 50, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: 11.00am to 9.00pm daily.


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