Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pho Vietz @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

Pho Vietz is quite popular among the food lovers since they open their outlet Empire Shopping Gallery in September 2016. Its listed as one of the restaurants which needs long queue by Open Rice in order to have a meal there. I experienced it myself, wait for almost 20 minutes to get a table. The popularity could be due to very few proper Vietnamese restaurant serving pork. Pho Vietz offers variety of Vietnamese food such as Ban Minh(baguette), spring roll, beef and pork pho, rice with curry and claypot dishes. I was there to try out their beef pho and spring roll.

Taste:6/10(Moderate. If you have visited Vietnam before, you need to lower your expectation as their pho and spring roll taste does not perform anyway near. The pho soup is rather blend and quite normal. The beef quantity provided is quite decent but some of the beef pieces is too chewy. The spring roll skin is too sticky and hard to my liking. They missed one important item on Vietnamese food which is using good chili sauce. They use normal chili sauce which does not have kick).
Price:5/10(Near expensive. Ordered two beef combo noodles soup with Australian beef slices and beef balls at MYR19.90 and tiger prawn rolls at MYR9.90).

Two beef combo noodles soup.

I ordered the recommended item from their menu. However the taste does not up to my expectation.

The noodles has all the items that good pho should have. This kind of proper restaurant should have at least provide Rooster chili sauce (Sriracha chili sauce).

The skins and the sauce of the spring roll needs improvement. The skin is tough and the sauce not enough peanut.

GPS/Coordinate: 3.081925, 101.582763
Address: Ground floor, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS 16/1, SS 16, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor


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