Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Budget Chicago Trip Itinerary - 5 Days 4 Nights - Autumn season

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and is known as a windy city. Located at Midwest of USA beside huge Lake Michigan, it boost great city scenery and miles of sandy beaches. I recommend one to take the architectural cruise which brings you around Chicago via the rivers. The view is spectacular. In my opinion, Chicago looks almost 70% like New York city with skyscrapers and the uniqueness of the overhead retro style metro train. The architecture of these train lines some dated back in 1892 with wooden platform at some of the stations. Below is my budget itinerary to Chicago previously. Hope this can help to plan for your trip.

Cloud gate at Millennium Park.

Chicago skyline at night.

Chicago thick stuffed pizza.

Willis tower Chicago at night from architectural cruise.

Day Morning Afternoon Evening Night
Day 1 (Mon) 1. Arrival at 1.30pm in Midway Chicago airport from Washington DC via Southwest airlines.

2. Taking Chicago Metro to reach my rented room which I got quite a deal located within The Loop.

3. Check in at Home Stay via Airbnb. Great the host allowed me to put my luggage and I start my Chicago itinerary.

1. Visit the Chicago iconic Cloud Gate.

2. Visit Millenium Park.

1. Dinner at The Purple Pig. Having milk braised pork shoulder and wine.

Day 2 (Tue) 1. Breakfast at Fontano's Sub. Having healthy Italian styled 6-inch sandwich.

1. Breezy walk at Navy Pier.

2. Late lunch at Giordano's Pizza. Have the thick cheesy stuffed pizza which is famous in Chicago.
1. Walking along the Magnificent Mile which is the centre of great Chicago shopping.

2. Visit John Hancock Observatory (now known as 360 Chicago) to view Chicago skyline. Go up during evening at around 5.00pm to experience skyline of day, sunset and night of Chicago.
1. Dinner. Having famous red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.
Day 3 (Wed) 1. Following tour from Chicago Greeter. This is a free based tour which is funded by the tourism board of Chicago. I am lucky enough to be able to get the walking tour. The main highlights were Chicago city hall, Lincoln Park & farmer market.

2. Visit Lincoln Park farmer market. Variety of local produced stuffs.

1. Lunch at The Wieners Circle. Tried on their famous "the work" Vienna beef hot dog.

1. Visiting Chinatown of Chicago.

1. Dinner. Spicy beef noodles at Lao Hunan in Chinatown, Chicago.

2. Scrolling around Chicago Downtown and visiting Walgreen to stock up supplies.
Day 4 (Thur) 1. Breakfast. Blueberry pancake at Yolk.

2. Visiting Field museum. The museum have a the most complete T-Rex dinosaur skeleton named Sue.
1. Scrolling at Chicago Downtown.

2. Art Institute of Chicago. I like this art museum as it combine both traditional and modern art into one single museum. Very informative and value for money.
1. Chicago hot dog from American's Dog. You can get a variety of American hot dogs here.

2. Wendella river cruise. Anyone visiting Chicago should at least take one architecture cruise to view the city spectacular skylines. Take this cruise at around 6.30pm so that you can experience sunset view and night time view.

1. Dinner. Last meal in Chicago. Having Salisbury chopped steak from Grand Lux cafe.


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