Friday, July 20, 2012

Mitaseimenjo @ Shinjuku, Tokyo

Last year I been to this restaurant for its udon. The udon is quite good and succulent. This time I am satisfied after having udon here for the second time. Do you know why? This time I ordered large size instead of medium. But I having hard time to finish it as the noodles is too much! The broth is mixture of chicken, fish and pork.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. The udon noodles when mixed with the soup is good. The soup contains seaweed and some kind of bamboo shoots. Plus there is some pork slices in there as well).
Price:6/10(Moderate. Big bowl of noodles for 800 Yen. The portion is quite big and its filling).

Large noodles that I ordered. I have eaten 500 gramme of noodles!

This is how to eat udon. Take some of the noodles and soak it into the soup. If the soup is not enough, you can top it up with fish broth. The first time I was here, I not sure what is the stainless steel jar for. So I just pour it into my cup and drink it like water. Then I notice that the taste is something not right. Now, I know that it is fish broth to top up my soup.

They have spicy and non-spicy version. I took the non-spicy one. Spicy version is more expensive by 50 yen. If you do notice, that small and medium portion have the same price.

English signboard outside the shop.

Do look out for this shop. This is how it look like from outside.

Coordinate/GPS: 35.68879,139.697573
Address: I not where is the exact shop but its nearby from the coordinate provided above.


  1. It's enough to a adult guy, so many noddles here, I never eat this before and when I try it at the dream, i fell really great!



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