Monday, September 17, 2012

Hotel Neptune @ Paris, France

For those who follow my blog, you are sure wondering where did I stay during my last trip to Paris. Due to my busy schedule, I only have the convenience to post this entry now. I booked this hotel a day before I reached Paris. The hotel accepts the booking and efficiently checked me in when I reached Paris early morning since there is empty room available. This hotel is clean, good location, fast wifi and friendly reception. The location is very good as its nearby supermarket (Carrefour), eating area and just within 5 minutes walk to Place d'Italie metro station which is the intersection for 3 metro lines (line 5,6,7). It also very convenient if you plan to take RER train. From Paris Nord, you can just use line 5 and reach this hotel directly without any transfer. Do bare in mind that you many not want many transfer in Paris as this means a lot of stairs climbing with heavy luggage. If you are someone particular about wifi, this hotel is good for you as the connection is stable and fast. Grocery shopping is also easy as Carrefour is just 10 minutes away and there is also bars and French and Chinese restaurants nearby. The bed is comfortable and toilet are clean. My 5 nights stay here is good and fully recommend this hotel for everyone. If you can speak Mandarin, language is not a problem here as most of the workers here are from China.

Rating:9/10(Recommended for everyone either solo traveller, budget traveller, partner or family. The location, service and wifi is great. The place is quiet and you can rest well at night after whole day of travelling in Paris).
Price:Around USD90 or MYR290 for a twin share room per night. Good for budget traveller who wants privacy and convenience.

Very nice bedroom. This room can stay for 2 persons.

Clean toilet with soap and tissue available.

Located at Rue Godefroy.

Coordinate/GPS: 48.831843,2.357377
Address: 15, rue Godefroy, Place d'Italie, 75013 Paris
Metro station: Just 5 minutes walk from Place d'Italie station.


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