Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello Kitty baggage tag by Eva Air - Taipei to Kuala Lumpur (Economy Class)

There are 3 full service airlines flying between Taipei and Kuala Lumpur. This time, I plan to try out Eva Air as they have good timing. Departs in the morning at 940am and I am able to reach home by afternoon. Other airlines would be Malaysia Airlines and China Airlines. You should take Malaysia Airlines if you plan to have another lunch in Taipei. They departs from Taipei at around 3.30pm. While China Airlines timing is too early for me. Overall good experience on Eva Air. Good food and pretty flight stewardess :-P

Hello Kitty on baggage tag!

Food by Eva Air. Main dish is the chicken with rice. Apple and honeydew. Corn and lettuce salad. Sesame sweet cake as dessert.

Again rice with scallion.

Snack packet with green beans and crackers.

Standard economy class cabin. Nothing extraordinary.



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