Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kuala Lumpur to Taipei on Economy Class Malaysia Airlines

This is going to be my last trip of the year. As usual, this is my very last minute personal trip. Since Taipei is not that far and I like food very much, I think I should just visit and experience the city myself. And to visit Taipei, don't cost that much to me. I estimate that I should be able to do it with less than MYR1500 for a 5 days 5 nights trip. Again, I am choosing Malaysia Airlines this time. Just a review on their food. The food is good as I like their spicy shrimp paste with coconut milk rice (nasi lemak sambal udang). I would give 8/10 for the nasi lemak.

My breakfast on the flight. Nasi lemak as main course, warm bun with jam and butter, fruits - papaya, pineapple & grape, muesli bar, strawberry yoghurt and orange juice.


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