Sunday, October 19, 2014

Eva Air flight Taipei to Seattle on economy class

This was my first time taking Eva Air on long haul flight from Taipei to Seattle, USA. The journey were around 12 hours 40 minutes on Boeing jumbo 747-200 aircraft. I was quite surprise that the flight were almost full. Overall the flight is good and their flight stewardess are quite attentive and helpful. Food wise, they need to have improvement.

Rating:7/10(Moderate. The aircraft is old and the food served were just moderate. Don't take their cheese omelette as it was tasteless. Seating wise is comfortable enough for long distance flight).

Spicy stewed chicken rice with vegetables.

The stewed chicken were good.

Cheese omelette. The croissant were good. However, the cheese omelette is tasteless.

The sausage covered with cheese were small.

Good timing reaching Seattle when sunset.

Beautiful purple and blue skies hue.

Beautiful mount Rainier during sunset. Perfect timing.

Huge Boeing 747 aircraft. However the seating and aircraft is old.


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