Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dadong roast duck (Wangfujing branch) @ Beijing, China

Most of the review about roast duck will mention the best roast duck in Beijing belongs to Dadong. When I arrived to the restaurant all the seats are fully booked and I am on the waiting list. I waited for half and hour before I get a seat. Many people make reservation via phone. Do expect more time if you have more persons in your group. This Wangfujing branch looks quite new and modern. I am not too sure whether this branch is newly open.

Taste:8/10(Good. This is the best Beijing roasted duck that I tasted but its not the best that I had. The meat of the roast duck without condiment is rather plain and the meat is not that tender. The best part is still the fat laden melt in your mouth duck skins which is crispy and oils which flows in the mouth).
Price:4/10(Near expensive. The whole meal below cost RMB160 Yuan. It consist of half roasted duck and condiment).

This is the signboard to Dadong roast duck restaurant. The huge signboard located at the ground floor of the building does not mean that the restaurant is at the ground floor. But it located on the 6th floor instead.

Wow, open air roast duck process. You can sit down and have a view. Each duck looks the same.

Very modern environment.

Nice lighting.

Huge dining room to cater large group.

Finally, I have a seat. Duck spoon holder.

My duck have arrived. The way Beijing roast duck is served is a bit unusual. The chef will slide all the tender meat of the duck and will take the bone to boil soup for you. The roasted duck is wrapped in crepe with all the condiments to savour the real taste of the roasted duck.

Condiment to eat it with the roasted duck. The condiment consist of dark sweet sauce, shallots, sugar, garlic puree, preserved vegetables, pickles, radish, cucumber and crepe.

My portion of Beijing roasted duck. The chef is so skillful that it slices the duck and arrange it nicely. The main part to savour the roast duck is the skins. Yes, fat laden melt in your mouth skins.

Little empty bun to fill in the roasted duck to eat it together.

The soup from the duck bones.

Dessert. Sugar coated sour strawberry with chocolate in between.

Water chestnut.

GPS/Coordinate: 39.910403, 116.410694
Address: 6/F, 301 Wangfujing Dajie, (opposite the Wangfujing Bookstore), Dongcheng District.
Public transport: Beijing metro Wangfujing station.


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