Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sichuan dinner at Ba Guo Bu Yi Restaurant @ Shanghai, China

Ba Guo Bu Yi is a famous restaurant chain in China serving good sichuan style (ma la) or spicy cooking. What's great about this restaurant is that they also have great face changing performances. The face changing show starts at 8pm every evening, the performance is short but entertaining. The energetic performer leaps and bounds in dramatic fashion, his face flashing through a range of colors and expressions in seconds. He even departs the stage and walk around the crowd and pose for pictures after the show. There are twenty Ba Guo Bu Yi outlets across China including Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Sanya and Nanjing. There are also three stores in Chengdu itself, including the flagship store where seats are particularly hard to come by, but booking at any and all is definitely recommended, especially if you want to catch the show.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. The meal is excellent with a type of spiciness that I never taste before. The pepper used is different compared to the pepper that I normally take. The sichuan fish in dried and pepper is a must try with melt in your mouth chili oil. Really good).

This slices of pork with cucumber taste great with the spicy sauce which comes with it. Finely sliced pork belly hanging over small wooden trestles, ready to be wrapped around slices of cucumber and spring onion.

Good presentation and taste great.

Very nice packaging of chopstick and tissue paper.

Dried chili and dried pepper fish. This dish is superb and tasty. However beware. Its super spicy.

Dried chili mutton with vegetables.

Beef stomach with braised spicy peanut.

Ma la spicy bean curd. Looks at the red paste surrounding the bean curd. Spicy!

Famous China Tsingtao beer. The beer taste good and have a trace of sweetness.

The Tsingtao beer is a bit light in colour.

Kailan with oyster sauce.

Impressive face changing show.

The face changing man came to our table. He smiled when I wanted to take picture :-)

Quite a big crowd in the restaurant.

This is the restaurant signboard.

GPS/Coordinate: 31.211339, 121.423489
Address: 1018 Dingxi Road, Changning, Shanghai, China.


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